Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The Healing Art

Some things in life just get you excited! Especially when you’re young, say 20, and a big

weekend is ahead with your friends. The excitement and anticipation is all consuming and

energizing. I’m not saying you can no longer get excited as you get older; however,

the excitement doesn’t come so readily as it used to. Well, not unless you have a passion,

some activity that transports you to a timeless presence that has in common with it the all-

consuming wonder, excitement and energy of youth!

For me to pick up my tools and begin to work on an idea, that somehow manifested itself

from my subconscious, is to be transported to a place of excitement, urgency and often

deep satisfaction that counter balances the responsibilities and sometimes anxious reality of

every day life. Usually the ideas are just a beginning and the process of sculpting the piece of wood

 or stone is one of ongoing transformation, learning and challenge. 

As I work from my original idea, the piece of sculpture seems to develop its own momentum and

 purpose and quite often it doesn't turn out exactly how I envisaged.  However, it is usually more 

satisfying and fulfilling than what I imagined.  I find this process very intriguing and satisfying.   

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